Jan 14, 2010

Awards, awards...

I have received two awards these days. It's such a nice feeling when someone deems you worthy of these. These two come from two great women and bloggers whose blogs I visit regularly. So here they are:

The Happy 101 Award comes from Nadine. Nadine is a self-published author of the wonderful Kathryn's Beach trilogy, which I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing (and now translating!). Her support and encouragement toward novice writers, and enthusiasm and passion for writing serve as a perpetual source of inspiration to me. Please, visit her at First Draft.

The rules are:
1. List 10 things that make you happy. (only ten?)

1. when my son hugs me and asks for a kiss
2. returning home on weekends

3. books in the mail
4. books bought and books borrowed as well
5. a nice cup of coffee, especially while I'm...
6. writing and
7. reading and
8. blogging
9. sunlight
10. my friends (real ones and people I met online)

2. Try to do at least one thing on the list today.
3. List 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

The Eager Readers
Pure Imagination
Peeking Between the Pages
My Fluttering Heart
My 5 Monkeys
Lakeside Musing
Bookalicious Ramblings

4. Those of you to whom I give this award are to link back to my blog and perpetuate the happy with your own lists and recipients and whatnot.

The Honest Scrap Award comes from JoAnne at Lakeside Musing. JoAnne is probably the nicest blogger out there. She's a regular visitor of Willing to See Less and one of the rare that always replies to every single comment on her posts. It's an honor to receive this award from her. Please, visit her blog and say Hi!
In order to receive this award, I'm supposed to list ten honest things about myself and then pass it on to ten other bloggers.

So, ten honest things about me (so many???):
  1. I sometimes dog-ear my books
  2. I'm the master of procrastination when it comes to...well, basically everything
  3. I judge books by their covers too often
  4. I don't like people who leave their stuff all over the place (seriously, how much effort does it take to pick up your coffee mug and put it in the sink???)
  5. I never wear high heels and skirts
  6. I love ironing
  7. I don't have a license and I can't drive
  8. I wanted to be a vet until I saw the process of  castrating a pig
  9. I forget a joke as soon as I hear it, no matter how funny it was at the moment
  10. I used to play a nun in high school plays. They said I was born for such roles.
See? I told ya there was nothing interesting about me!

Passing this award on to:

 Some of these blogs I discovered recently, some are old friends. Please, do visit them, all of them are special in their own beautiful way!
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