Sep 25, 2012

FeedBurner, adio!

So, with FeedBurner going away October 20, I decided to switch to FeedCat. Many thanks to Talk Supe and Mystifying Paranormal Reviews for bringing it to my attention. It's free and incredibly easy to set up. If you haven't found an alternative to FeedBurner, why not try FeedCat? It will take a total of three minutes of your time.

And here's my plea: if you were previously subscribed, would you mind do it again? All you have to do is locate the FeedCat icon in my sidebar, and hover your mouse over it. Enter your email next to the little pencil.

You will have my eternal gratitude. And maybe if someone other than my boyfriend subscribes, I might surprise one of my new or old readers with some book swag ;)
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