Jul 28, 2013

2013 Summer Author Blitz: Interview With Hafsah of Icey Designs

Hi friends! I hope you're having a wonderful summer!

We're continuing the 2013 Summer Blitz hosted by Belle Whittington and Tabatha Perry, who've come up with all sorts of fun things for the entire July. If you missed some of the fun, don't worry, you can catch up if you check out the full schedule HERE.

For my spot on the blitz I got to interview a wonderfully talented designer *happy dance* whose works (blogs and websites, Twitter backgrounds, book covers etc.) you've surely noticed around the blogosphere. She answered a few questions about the creative process and her own pet peeves, and also offered some goodies for you.
Say hi to Hafsah!
  • What is the first step when you agree to design a blog/ twitter background/ cover?
I usually consult with the client before agreeing to anything. I ask them for details pertaining to the overall look, colors, and in the case of book covers, emotions, characters, and settings. Then I read through the provided information and getting started. I love opening up a blank canvas on Photoshop or Illustrator - there are so many possibilities!
  • Is there a design that you're particularly proud of? Or one that's been especially challenging?
When a design is challenging, I end up loving it even more. Heidi Sinnett wanted a design with a chalkboard feel to it, something I had been wanting to do for the longest time. It was most definitely a challenge - illustrating the banners and giving them that chalkboard look. But like I said, I had wanted to design a site like that for a long time, so it was fun, and in the end, very self-satisfying. 
  • In your opinion, what makes a great design? What do you like to see in other designers' works?
For me, a great design is defined by easiness. No matter how beautiful a design may be, it needs to be easy to navigate and easy to look at. Even if your background is black and your text is white, there's a way to keep it clean and easy to look at. In designs other than my own, I love to see the same thing - clean, beautiful, and easy to navigate. 
  • Do you have some design-pet-peeves (arrangement of elements, colors, fonts etc...)?
I have many pet-peeves. Being a designer, I look at everything a different way - magazine ads, online ads, websites, book covers. Subconsciously, my mind will move things around and switch fonts without me even realizing it. There are certain shades of colors that I'd never use, though I'd use one very close. There are several fonts I'd never use, and some that I've seen around that have made me cringe, but the worst font in the history of fonts would be Comic Sans. Another pet peeve: visiting a blog/website for the first time and not knowing where to look - this especially happens when the background is more catching than the content, it makes my eyes cross. You don't want that!

Thanks for having me, Ivana! It was fun :)

Check out Hafsah's website, and see for yourself how great her designs are :) 

Hafsah has offered to give away a Twitter background design worth $30 to one person. Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter for your chance to win.
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

But wait! That's not all!
Now we're sending you on a hunt for a clue hidden in one of my blog's pages. When you find it, got to Exit Ramps and enter the giveaway for a unique bookish necklace. Isn't it lovely?!

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