May 25, 2012

Follow Friday!

Welcome to another Feature and Follow Friday, a weekly meme where we answer book-related questions and get to know new book blogger buddies! FF is hosted by Rachel @Parajunkee's Views and Alison @Alison Can Read

Blogs featured this week

Q: Activity! Dreamcast your current read.

My current read is Crazy Dangerous by Andrew Klavan. I love it, it's equal parts creepy and cute, and Sam is a great MC! Unfortunately, I'm terrible at tasks like this. I'm desperate with connecting faces and names, and yes, I totally had to Google 'young actors'.

Sam--I don't remember a detailed description of Sam, but he's not very strong and he is trying to build up some strength. He's not a muscular hottie-kind of character, rather a polite, cute kid with a mischievous side. Here's my choice:
 Liam Aiken

Jennifer has "long brown hair that frames a pale, serious face, pretty in a bookish way..." I think Saoirse Ronnan could pull off the haunted look in her eyes.

Here she is in The Host. I chose this image because her hair is darker here (Jennifer has brown hair). Saoirse is not a striking beauty, but her face has the expressive quality that I think would be crucial if you're playing a tormented character like Jennifer.

Zoe has short black hair, big green eyes, pug nose with freckles on it. I was thinking, maybe Ivana Baquero (with short hair she is just as cute).

 Plus, you can't go wrong with Selena Gomez.

But what do we do about those green eyes? Anyone has a better casting suggestion?
(You see, I suck at this)

Then there's Mark, Jennifer's brother, athletic and all-over hot-the golden boy, the hero... Or not? How about Alexander Ludwig with a shade darker hair?

So, those are some of the characters. Have you read the book? What are your choices?
Happy Friday!

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