Sep 15, 2012

Stacking the Shelves (Sep 15)

Many thanks to Tynga at Tynga's Reviews for hosting Stacking the Shelves, a weekly meme where we share the books (and other book related stuff) that we received.

Yep, I'm back to blogging this week.

No, I haven't graduated yet. I'm done with all my exams (yay!), I finished my thesis (yay again!) and now I'm waiting for my mentor to either say it's ok and give the green light so I can defend it, or to begin her red-inkshed all over it and demand changes. She is very busy these days, and all I can do is gnaw on my nails and hope for the best (which would mean minimum changes). I'm not a very patient person and I'm not good at waiting, but at least this period has given me some free time to read and blog.

(see how I'm deluding myself? I should be studying for a very important test which could lead to a dream job in one of the institutions of the European Union. I am studying, don't hate me if I take a break from fractions and statistics). 

Meanwhile, I'm catching up on my favorite blogs and typing up reviews. Most of the books that I've received since my last Stacking the Shelves  I've already read. Here are the latest additions to my shelf:

These two were presents from my darling. I loved Across the Universe, and needless to say, I frexing love A Million Suns. Can't wait for Shades of Earth!
Beautiful Creatures left me with mixed feelings. I'm still one the positive side (Lena and Ethan are so cute together), but some things gave me the roll-eyes syndrom.

I received The Second Empress from Crown Publishing (many thanks-and thanks to Michelle for making it happen!) There was a book fair in my small town these days where I found The Heretic Queen (the Croatian edition). That was a lucky find, I couldn't find it anywhere where it was previously sold. Michelle has left a great impression with Cleopatra's Daughter. The Second Empress is delightful, too, and right now I'm reading The Heretic Queen, and like it a lot.
My darling also bought me Moran's Madame Tussaud, but I haven't picked it up yet so it's not in the picture. What can I say, I love Michelle's books, and I love my darling who knows how to make this bookworm happy.

That's it from me! What awesome stuff did you get?

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