Aug 7, 2009

The 100th

Nadine Laman, whose novel Kathryn's Beach I reviewed the other day, is celebrating her 100th blog post on First Draft, which will be posted on Monday. In order to share this milestone with her readers, she is orgainizing a week long party where everyone can participate and win some great books written by her friends authors. Here is a list of authors participating, but stay tuned, because it gets longer and longer:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson: The Frugal Editor

Joy Collins: Second Chance AND Coming Together

Carolyn Sheppard: Ghost Sniffer and Other Stories

Cathy Marley: Peeking Over The Edge

Irene Watson: The Sitting Swing (more than one copy)

Susan Gabriel: Seeking Sarah Summers

Erin Collins: Shadow Walk: The Gathering

Rita Towes: The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story AND two ebooks! Why Me? and Bullying: A Parent's Primer

Connie E. Curry: Give Me Back My Glory

Andrew Revels: Belly of the Beast

Nick Daws: The Festival on Lyris Five

Ray Derby: Shadow Government or Bradley's Ghost or Clouds of Deception

Jeannine Garsee: Before, After, And Somebody In Between

Glyn Pope: To The End Of Love

Frederiko "Fred Baby" Aguilar: The Desert Has No King

Karl Moore:

Rules: ANYONE can participate. Invite your friends and family, and I don't care if you tell them you get what they win. No requirement to follow my blog. No requirement to join my newsletter list. I don't know what we are doing yet, but check back on Monday. I think it will involve some comment posts, so if you comment 'anonymous' sign your first name too. Follow the instructions each day to enter and re-enter. (When I need names drawn, I'll grab one of my boys to do it.)I can give you one hint. You need to familiarize yourself with my website for the 100th day's activities.So let the games begin.

To learn more, read Nadine's 99th post.
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