Aug 5, 2009

Now a real TSS!

It's a holiday today here in Croatia, the Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day, a public holiday which is held as a memorial to its War of Independence.
So, we had our BBQ until the rain chased us inside and it's a day as lazy as a Sunday, and what do you do on Sundays?
Post a Sunday Salon book review!

This week I finished Kathryn’s Beach by Nadine Laman. It arrived on Friday and I started reading it immediately. Before you move on with the review, sit back, relaxe and watch this video. Go ahead, the review and I will be waiting!

Product Details:

Publisher: Nadine Laman Books, LLC
Publishing Date: February 2009
Page Count: 232
Book Price: $12.95
ISBN: 978-0-9823321-0-8
Format: Soft

Where to buy?

Author Info:

Nadine Laman was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California. She graduated from Arizona State University School of Social Work.

Nadine writes contemporary women’s literature. Kathryn’s Beach is the first book in her trilogy, followed by High Tide and Storm Surge. She writes in the first person present tense which makes Kathryn’s voice realistic and engaging, giving you an inner perspective on her emotions and thoughts.

The picture on the cover and many more were taken by Nadine herself.

What is it about?

Kathryn abruptly ends a self-imposed exile to return to Los Angeles. Her friends and a cryptic letter written by a powerful man push Kathryn to reconcile the past. Who says, “You can’t go home again?” Sometimes that is exactly what must be done. But, is it worth it?

I say—yes, it is. Once home, Kathryn is catching up the past five years of her absence. Her friends and colleagues welcome her as if she never left. Life seems to get back on track, slowly but steadily, though the chill Kathryn feels when thinking about her last case fades too slowly. With several unexpected twists, a sweet romance, a tragic loss, a group of incredibly dexterous nuns, and a lot of compassion, Kathryn’s Beach is one of those books you wish were longer. You simply don’t want it to end. Maybe that’s the reason why it took me two days to read the last five pages. I didn’t want to let go. Developing a strong sympathy to Kathryn is inevitable, just as feeling with her. There is no violence, no sex, no bad language and no cheap and pretentious clichés, humorous in a refreshing, witty way. Needless to mention, all the female characters are strong women, but Nadine shows their fragile side as well. They all seek refuge on their beach, which is beautifully and expertly described.

The social component-Nadine’s profession-is presented with all the faults and flaws of the system, but leaving strong hope for change and improvement. Nadine leaves you several loose ends as invitation to read High Tide and Storm Surge.


Nadine's web page
First Draft (Nadine's Blog)
Nadine on Filedby

In conclusion:

The words coming to my mind when thinking about Kathryn’s Beach are unpretentious, gentle, caring, compassionate, hopeful, realistic and LIFE with all its highs and lows. You lose some, you win some. Forgiving thy neighbor is sometimes difficult, forgiving yourself sometimes impossible-even when there is nothing to be forgiven.

“Life is good; not always easy, but good.”
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