Aug 18, 2009

Party Time!

The Blog Party at Nadine Laman's blog First Draft is in full swing. We seeked second chances, shared creepy ghost and apocalyptic stories, children mischief, pancakes and coffee, we were chicastic. We cried, laughed, discussed the major world issues. We sang, danced, splashed in the pool, we were all over the world.
We gave away many awesome books and there are still so many to come.

But the most important, we met so many great authors from a wide range of genres and age groups and are looking forward for those to come, who will be just as warmly accepted and welcomed as those who we were blessed to have met so far.

The 100th blog Post Party, that will surely mark a milestone in the blogging history, goes on for three more weeks, so everyone who hadn’t jumped in still has plenty of time to do so.

Come and join us. Leave a thought. Or two. As many as you wish. It’s all you have to do-spend some time with the best group of writers you maybe haven’t met yet, but will be sorry if you don’t.

The updated list of authors participating can be found here.
See ya there!

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