Aug 2, 2009

The Sunday Salon...

...which is actually not a Sunday Salon...

I have spent my Sunday so far trying to come up with an excuse for why I don't have a proper book review for the Sunday Salon. Then I read JoAnn’s and Katie’s posts and realized I am not the only one who has been recapitulating July both in what I’ve read so far, what has been left to be read, and what I have accomplished in other areas of life.

I can not use JoAnn’s excuse -I’m on Facebook for two years now, but I still spend too much time there. My dear JoAnn, your kids are right, the obsession will dimnish very soon. But I really have to admit that Facebook was very useful for me while I was on maternity leave for a year. I kept contact with all my college fellows and I could keep up with what they have been doing though we were hundred miles away. Not to mention that I found my first best friend, a girl I met in first grade while we were living in Germany. That was in 1993, and the last time I heard of her was Christmas 1994. Do I need to say how loud I was screaming when she sent me a message on Facebook after all those years?

I have done a lot of reading and writing this week. As usual, I read three books at once and I seriously need to get rid of that habit since I barely keep track of what I read last in which. Sometimes I even mix them up, and that becomes quite a problem when doing a book report or a review (What does Edward Cullen have to do with L. Erdrich, anyone?)

Currently I’m reading S. Selmanovic’s It’s all about God, and I am positively surprised. It fulfilled all my expectations. The review is coming in two weeks probably. Thanks to Samir who was so kind as to send me a typespad copy! The only reason why I haven’t finished it yet is that I can’t read long from my computer, but no fear-I’m almost done!

My copy of Kathryn’s Beach by N. Laman has arrived on Friday morning. That was quick; it took only a week from Arizona to Croatia! Nadine, I’m enjoying it, already halfway through!

I started reading Wuthering Heights again. I recently bought my own, being reminded of it in New Moon which I reread two months ago and I really wanted to read it now. It is the ultimate test for my language skills. It’s demanding and challenging, not to mention the rich vocabulary. I have been learning English for four years in high school, starting with the basics, and three years in college, so please, read my posts forgivingly.

The writing…ah, the writing. There are three drafts of the same story. I’m experimenting with three different POVs, each 30,000 words so far…The last one seems fine. I better stick to that and stop experimenting or I will never move forward.

The heath is seriously messing with my spelling accuracy. It has been 39 Celsius today (102 F) and there is no escape from it. The shade in my backyard is a weak comfort, since such a warm wind is blowing that you have the feeling someone is blowing a hairdryer at you. Horrible.

Hope you have it better than me, and that you found an effective way to keep cool. Wish you all a beautiful Sunday evening!

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