Aug 9, 2009

TSS: The Other Side of the Story

by Marian Keyes

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Short bio:

Marian Keyes was born in the West of Ireland in 1963. She was brought up in Dublin, earned a degree in law and accounting and then spent her twenties in London. She started to write after a recovery from alcoholism in 1993. Her first novel, Watermelon, was published in 1995. Nearly 5 million copies of her five books have been sold worldwide.

What is it about?
This is a story of three women whose lives get tangled up in a game of love, betrayal, ambitions and books.
Gemma Hogan, a successful events organizer, is lost in her parent’s break up. She tries to keep her work on the top and nurse her lethargic mother. To make things worse, the Love of Her Life, Anton, goes to London, where he meets Gemma’s best friend, Lilly Wright. Lilly and Anton fall in love, and Lilly is driven with guilt for stealing her best friend’s boyfriend, believing that it will bring her bad karma. After being mugged during pregnancy, Lilly writes a novel and becomes successful. Gemma writes a book on her experiences with her parent’s. Guess who represents both of them?
Jojo Harvey is an energetic and sexy literary agent who has the look of Jessica Rabbit. She is shooting for a partnership in her company, has an affair with her boss and loses both eventually, breaking up on an agency on her own and breaking up with her lover. Yep, they never leave their wives.

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In conclusion:
I always reread the books I like. I read this one six months ago and now again. The Other Side of the Story is a typical example of chick-lit. It’s funny, witty, refreshing and relaxing. Though I don’t read much of this genre, I do grab for one when I want to wind up. Sincerely, the book won’t reveal you the mysteries of the universe-but it’s a perfect choice for an evening off with a book. What ensured this book a place in my heart is that it was my first source of information on how the publishing world works, long before I started to research the industry for serious.

It is told in the perspective of each, providing you with-ehem, the other side of the story. And it actually works. You can’t judge Lilly after you hear how she fell in love with Anton and how she resisted it not to break her best friends heart.
It’s maybe a bit too long for a chick-lit novel, but it doesn’t harm. It’s about women. Don’t we always have a lot to say?

P.S. I'll post the cover art later since each time I try to post more than one pick my net connection fails...
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