Nov 1, 2009

TSS: Catching up, swine flu and changes...

Hello, fellow Saloners!

I apologize for not posting a Sunday Salon post last week. There was some construction work going on here, and believe me, I couldn't even find my computer-such was the mess in the house.

This week I posted only one review for a book I finished the week before, The Ninth Life of Louis Drax by Liz Jensen (my review here). I know, terrible, but it doesn't mean I didn't read at all. I actually did a lot of reading. I finished two plays and several chapters for the American Literature course, but those are not things I will blog about. Though one of the German plays gave me an idea to write a post on YA from some...hundred years ago...I also started An Equal Music by Vikram Seth and fell in love with it from the first page. It's the sort of book so beautifully written that you want to write down every single line as a memorable quote.

Last week I was misdiagnosed with swine flu. Though the first wave of this disease passed without much uproar in Croatia, with only few infected, it's obviously catching up now. There are many sick people, and it's spreading quickly. Luckily, I had just the ordinary flu, but still they advised me to stay in Osijek for two more days before coming close to my kid.

Next week I will be making some major changes here. I need a three-column template for my blog, and I found a very cute one. Unfortunately, I'll lose all the widgets and it'll take some time to put them up again. But I know it will be worth it.

This post is scheduled, so as you read it, I am probably somewhere roaming graveyards (this sounds bizarre...)We'll be visiting some family and I doubt I'll get near to a computer anywhere so I wish you all a very happy and spooky Sunday!!!!
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