Mar 31, 2010

Blog Hiatus (Hopefully) Over

I really, REALLY thought, once February was over, I'd finally have the time to blog again, but life had different plans for me and Willing To See Less. March came way to quickly. With it came the new semester and a new round of classes. Now, the best part of it is that we have got a professor with a Fullbright scholarship to teach American Literature of the 20th Century. I was thrilled-and still am. The professor is a good lecturer, the reading list amazing. The major trouble is that he is only staying for six weeks. A regular semester here lasts 15 weeks and in those six weeks we had to stuff in all we would have usually done in a fifteen weeks course. If you take a look at my list of books read in 2010, you'll see I was busy reading. Of all the books on the list of required reading, I enjoyed Light in August most. I don't believe I would ever have forced myself to read Faulkner (not after I started The Sound and the Fury in high-school and gave it up after several pages), if it wasn't for this class. Unfortunately, it was removed from the list (that is me sobbing). I will blog about all of them in a timely manner :) The first review is coming immediately after this post.

On another note, I used that time to set my priorities straight and get some things back on track in my personal life. Literature has remained a solid pillar, so no, there is absolutely no chance I'm giving this blog up.

So, a HUGE apology to the dear people whose blogs I follow and whom I haven't visited for ages. I did check my dashboard from time to time to see what you guys have been reading. Now it's time to revisit your great post and leave a comment or two.


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