Jan 20, 2012

Review: Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Every Other DayEvery Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: NetGalley

(Insert a long rant here as to why I hadn't made an appearance on this blog in two months and how I'm just a couple of months away from graduation and that maintaining a blog became almost impossible and now I have sooo many books to review... )

Well. This was my first Jennifer Lynn Barnes novel and I was quite impressed. I absolutely love it when a book grabs me so quickly and so strong like this novel did.

Every Other Day is a must-read for all lovers of paranormal. When it comes to paranormal creatures, JLB has them all, and then some. It was a fresh concept. There's a lot of secrecy, lots of mysteries and intricacies. JLB delivers blow after blow, sparing neither her characters nor the reader. Shocks and surprises keep piling up toward the end when it seems as if every sentence is exploding right into your face. Everything takes place in a short time during which your pulse will race and your mind will be reeling with everything that JLB throws your (and Kali's) way. Every Other Day has its fair share of grit, emotion and action. It's seems only fair to warn not to get too attached to the characters; JLB really has no mercy when it comes to inflicting pain on your darlings.

I loved the voices of the characters and their witty, smart-ass remarks. In general, the writing was good. This book has made me laugh so many times, especially in the interaction between such different personalities.

What I didn't really like was Zev. To me he felt more like an instrument. By the time he actually appears, he's almost already gone, and reappears for only so long. I wish he had a greater part in the novel; despite his constant (psychiyc) presence, I'd like to see more action from him. Luckily, Kali is not a type of heroine who does things to impress a guy, and the romance is everything but your sappy love at first sight.

I really liked it! Recommended  for fans of YA, paranormal, adventure.

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