Feb 26, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Ch-ch-changes

Some major changes are happening in my life, and not surprisingly, it shows in my neglected blog and slow reading progress. Since there is no need for me to be physically present at college, having completed all my classes, I quit my apartment and now I'm moving back to my hometown. It's a big and a bit frightening change. I've spent 6 beautiful years in Osijek, found numerous new friends and got used to a different rhythm of life. It'll take some time to readjust to home (as odd as it sounds), because another place has become home.

But I'm also looking forward to finally getting my Master's degree. In that light, I'll be spending a lot of time with Edith Wharton in the weeks to come. My mentor and I have determined the topic of my Master's thesis, which will deal with the American society at the turn of the century as reflected in The House of Mirth. Since finals wore me out in the last two weeks, I'm giving myself a week to relax. After that I'm diving into a thousand academic articles I've collected so far.

I'll also probably have some more time to blog. Tto boost my motivation, I changed my blog's layout (again. I've stopped counting. The last one became incompatible with the changes that Blogger introduced recently.) It's like clearing your desk before getting down to business. I'm trying to catch up on few review requests and go through my list of blogs I follow.

So, quite uneventful when it comes to small thinks, with some big changes ahead. I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.
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