Mar 4, 2012

TSS: Finally, Spring!

I hope everyone feels energized like I do, now that the temperatures have soared and there's plenty of sunshine. I spend most of the day outside with my kid, and it's wonderful to see him more cheerful. Running around all day long works miracles on his picky eating habits and late sleeping schedule. Now he's off to bed a good hour and half earlier than during the winter, which gives me some extra time to work in the evening.

I was going through my Goodreads read list to see what I've accomplished in February reading-wise. I did better than I thought, considering I had 9 exams to complete in the first two weeks of February. Here's what I've read in February:

  • When You Were Older by Catherine Ryan Hyde. It's published March 29, and I cannot wait to tell you how much I loved it. 
  • The Look of Love by Judy Astley. I think I'll review this one tomorrow. 
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. For the most part, I loved it. Here's my review.
  • Misery by Stephen King. I actually started it in January. I love King and Misery seemed like a great companion to his On Writing (that I still haven't finished because it's at darling's. Hope he likes it as much as I do). It also deals with the writing process and I feel like I've learned a lot.
  • Glittering Ashes by Kelley Smith. This one was just...oi, painful. I already wrote a negative review, but still pondering whether to publish it in its entirety. Except for a solid premise, nothing else worked, so I'll just leave it at "I didn't like it". It just made me sad that the author did such a poor job and mistakes that could have been avoided if she gave herself somewhat more time and another round of edits before rushing to publish it.
I've also received a few new books for review this week. I'm currently reading Embrace by Cherie Colyer for the book tour in April. Also making my way through Horse Play by Jo Carnegie. It's slow because there's too many characters and it means constant jumping around. The plot so far consists of describing a bunch of quite unrelated events in their lives. Nothing that piqued my interest, but let's see how it works out.

Anyway, I'm glad winter is over. Even though most people consider winter  perfect reading season, I always get in a slump and do pretty much nothing. So, a big YAY to spring!
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