Mar 11, 2012

TSS: Moving, Kony,and more Wharton

It's one of those "can't believe it's already Sunday" posts. Seems like yesterday that I wrote my last TSS post. And we're already deep into March...does time move faster when you reach a certain age?

I finally got started on my diploma thesis this week, reading the articles on Edith Wharton, Naturalism in American Literature, House of Mirth...It's so much more fun that I ever could have imagined. Edith Wharton led a fascinating social life, had numerous famous acquaintances, and reading about the diners she frequented during her stay in Paris made me laugh out loud last night. I get to see the other side, the human behind the perceived image of a famous author, something you don't get out of reading biographies, and it's a very Midnight in Paris-like experience. What would I give to be there just for a moment?

All that reading left little space for reading anything else, though there were other time-consuming tasks that had to be done this week. I've finally moved all my stuff back home from the apartment I rented for college. As you can imagine, one collects quite a lot stuff in a year and a half. One day was lost on packing, another on stuffing it all in a van and driving it back, and after all that, I had to unpack all these things. One of the greatest problems I ran into was where to put all the books once I got them home. Two thirds of my closet are already occupied by books. In the end, I heavily reduced the amount of clothing and cleared up another shelf. It was time for spring cleaning anyway.

This week was marked by the media upheaval regarding KONY 2012. I've blogged about it here. As you've probably seen around the web, there's more and more criticism geared toward the organization. Time will tell whether the intentions of Invisible Children and its founders are as noble as their videos and promotion imply. But nonetheless, whether KONY 2012 turns out to be a scam or not, I believe that something marvelous happened. The eyes of the world have turned toward Central Africa. Other organizations are also getting promotion, mostly by the critics. In any case, if you have your suspicions against Invisible Children, donate to some other organization. As long as people are willing to help, the buzz can't be a bad thing. On the other hand, spewing venom all over Invisible Children, but doing nothing else instead is a waste of breath as well.

Ha, how about I say something about books? I'm currently reading The Forever Girl: Sophia's Journey by Rebecca Hamilton. It's great so far. I especially like the main character who is close to my age and fresh out of college without a job...sigh. I got my ebook from the author, but you can read it for free on Goodreads.

Darling keeps feeding my obsession with King. He got me Salem's Lot and Full Dark, No Stars. I've managed to read only the author's note on 'Salem's Lot. Something tells me it'll be a while before I'll be able to plunge into it.

Have a nice, relaxing and lazy Sunday. I'm having of those today :)

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