May 22, 2012

Blog Tour: Tallis

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Tallis by M.C. Rae
Release Date: March 26, 2012
Summary: The Empire of Andresium is threatened by the corruption of the immortals, ancient beings given the gift of eternal life after the death of the last reigning empress. A prophecy speaks of their eventual downfall at the hands of one of their own, however. Tallis is known by most simply as "The Loren," and seeks to avoid her destiny while trying herself to remain untainted by the decaying morals and indifference to the fates of men that plague her kind. As the events of the prophecy begin to unfold, Tallis finds herself conflicted between upholding her dedication to justice, and falling victim to the ramifications of following the desires of her own heart.

About the Author:
M.C. Rae (aka Killian McRae) is a cross-genre author whose works include elements of history, fantasy, science fiction, and romance- sometimes all in the same novel. She hails from the midwest but currently makes her home in Northern California. She is a devout student of history,a podcaster, an amateur graphics and web designer, a coffee enthusiast, and has an unhealthy obsession with world music.

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My Review:
I had some difficulties getting into Tallis, since it pretty much dives straight into the main conflict. I couldn't follow the story and forgot character names. Since it's so short (55 pages in pdf), there wasn't much world building or character development, not even much story background. Instead, the reader is given a snippet of the story set right before a turning point.

Halfway through, I really started to enjoy it. Some things became clearer and I found myself fretting over the choices Tallis was going to make. It became so easy to get lost in it, and I was heartbroken-and on the edge of my seat-by the time the epic ending came.

Tallis was my favorite character. She is distant, cold on the outside as it's appropriate for her high position. But whenever she was near Tarameen, she was caring and loving and the totally opposite of the strong immortal who has to take the throne. Also, she refuse to be  simply a tool for the prophecy and insists on being the only master of her soul and heart, and makes her choices accordingly. As for the language and writing, it's rich and wonderfully complimenting the story. Great job!

As you can tell from my review, my only complaint is that it's too short! I didn't want to part with the characters. It's a book that completely sucks you in. If you're a fan of high fantasy, make room on your shelf for Tallis!
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