Oct 16, 2012

The new Carrie teaser trailer!

You guys! 

I rarely get excited over book-to-movie adaptations (last time I was this excited was when I saw the Hunger Games trailer). But holy cow, have you seen the teaser trailer for the new Carrie? Stephen King is one of my favorite authors. I thoroughly enjoyed Carrie and I can't wait to see this movie!

The Kimberley Peirce remake hits cinemas April 15th 2013, starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore. I love both of them, Moore is wonderful, though I've had my reservations for this particular role. As for Chloe, I fell in love with her in Let Me In. The book is definitely a must-read and the Swedish version of the film was great too, but Chloe in the role of Eli broke my heart. Needless to say, I adored her in Hugo as well. 

The teaser is enough to get me excited about the movie, but you guys need to see the poster. Just a fair warning, if you tend to get nightmares easily, I suggest you skip it. It scared the living hell out of me when I saw it first. To see it in it's full horror, click HERE.

What do you think? 
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