Nov 7, 2012

Still alive-but NaNoWriMo stole my soul (and my time)

Hello, friends!

This is just a quick note before you scratch me off you list. The reason why there are no new posts and why I'm being a bad blogging buddy is NaNoWriMo. I'm doing it for the first time this year. So far I haven't had any problems-I'm around 13K into my novel, with still enough ideas to actually make it to 50K. It's no biggie reaching the daily goal, but as you may guess, it takes up a lot of time. I'm truly enjoying every moment of writing my story and interacting with my Wrimos. This year Croatia is listed as a separate region, and the peeps are amazing. It feels great to be a part of it.

This is very important to me, since I wanted to participate for a long time, but time was always an issue. This year...well, I feel like I owe it to myself.

But this blog is suffering heavily. I do have a few blog tours and reviews scheduled, but I wish I could be more active visiting and commenting. Fingers crossed that I finish this as soon as possible, and then I'll be back to catch up on your blogs. I have a feeling that by December I'll be so fed up with what I wrote and spend a whole month just reading what other people have written :)

I'll do a week 1 recap tomorrow on my other blog. And share a few embarrassing (and hilarious) NaNoisms. Very embarrassing.

Are you participating? Add me as your writing buddy, I'd love to hear about your stories!
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