Dec 1, 2012

November Accomplishments!

Hi, friends!

November was an insanely exciting month, and for the sheer amount of good things that happened, I'm slightly sad to see it pass. Many positive things happened around me. As you know, I've been participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time. The collective energy, the support on the forums, the participants I "met" were amazing and there is no doubt whether or not I'll be participating next year. But I didn't make it; I reached 32K by the middle of the month, the story going strong, though I pretty much hated every word I wrote, but that's what first drafts are. Something got in the way and kept me occupied for the last ten days.

Want to know what?


Woohoo! I defended my thesis on the 26th, and now I own a Master's degree in German and English Language and Literature! It was truly one of the most beautiful day in my life, given that a degree in English was a dream, and all the important people in my life were there. Twelve years ago, before I started high school, I barely knew a couple of words, but I made a promise to myself: "Self, one day you will go and study English."

It's been a rocky road; on the way I got pregnant, had my beautiful boy, got married, got divorced, had to work full time to stay in college. But I also started blogging and picked up my writing, met my best friends and my wonderful boyfriend, learned how hard and how beautiful life is. Every single sleepless night was worth it.

So, November, you were very kind to me. December, I hope you follow in November's tracks and perchance bring me a job?

Speaking of, does anyone need to hire a translator? :D

Now back to a more regular posting and reviewing schedule! I hope everyone had a great November!

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