Mar 23, 2013

WTSL Weekly #6

Good morning, friends!

This will not be a weekly update like those I usually do, with interesting links and book hauls. Life happened and I was thrown out of my route. I was thinking that I'd ease back into it by now, but it didn't happen.

My grandfather passed away last Friday and needless to say, the days before and after were busy and difficult. Between counting his last breaths-literally, and being there for my family, I somehow managed to keep the blog afloat with a few scheduled posts. But there's still a lot to deal with on the emotional level. I don't have the enthusiasm right now to sing praises in reviews or leave sincere and heartfelt comments. As the days go by I miss his quiet presence more and more.
Most evenings I just read myself to sleep without thinking about anything. I don't want to force things and I think I will take a short blog hiatus. It wouldn't be fair to anyone-readers, authors whose books I'd review, myself-to be in this with a half-heart. A big thank you to everyone who sent kind words my way. I appreciate your support.

I will be back real soon, I just need a few days to get my thoughts and feelings in order. You guys stay awesome <3 p="">

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