Jul 19, 2009

Look what I got!

source: paperblanks.com

My BFF/bridesmaid arrived yesterday from college. I haven’t seen her since February. We’ve known each other for fifteen years now, been best friends for…fifteen years?

Wow. Getting old.

We’ve been through everything together. She is one of those people I consider my angels. She’s been there for me whenever I needed her, both in happy and sad moments. One call and she’s there.
Yesterday we went for a coffee. She brought me a belated birthday present. I was startled when I opened it. My eyes bounced between her and the present. How did she know, I wondered?
She got me a Shakespeare Classic Journal from Paperblank’s Embellished Manuscripts series!
Here is what Paperblank says about it:

To inspire the writer, these unique journals provide excerpts from the manuscripts and drafts of some of the greatest writers and artists of all time. These reproductions of original manuscripts and diaries (in our embellished style) provide a glimpse into the creative process of artistic figures such as William Shakespeare, Charlotte Brontë and Vincent van Gogh. You can see them at work on the written page.

The Embellished Manuscripts Wraps include a memento pouch and a classic ribbon marker to store the treasures of a life well-lived.

Our classic faux Old Leather, although often mistaken for real leather, are printed covers with a leather-like pattern.

The thing is marvelous! The last time I went to the bookstore, I held one of these (the Charlotte Brontë ) in my hands, making up my mind whether to buy it or not. I want them all!

The best thing?
She doesn’t even know I write!
I love you,S.!!!
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