Jul 23, 2009

Odds and ends

I put my kid to nap and made myself a nice cappuccino. Luckily, the house is empty, so it’s just me and my blog! At last!

It's been wild few days here. I barely have time to read, but I'm making my way through Elijah's Cup anyway. Mostly I read late in the night. It’s way too hot to sleep, and I just got to use the chance to read more than a page without being interrupted five times in five minutes. I’m waiting for several books to arrive, so I might change my reading plans and remix my TBR list.
The writing is doing just fine, thank you for asking. I’m doing much more than 500 words a day. Saturday was my day off, but that doesn’t mean the voices in my head would shut up! The untitled new thing is unstoppably growing into a YA novel. Which couldn’t turn out any other way, I guess. Who feels more misunderstood and alienated than teens? I was seventeen not so long ago, so I might use some of my own experience. Yes, you guess right, I was the one with a brace and a stack of books in my hands, always aside from the popular kids.
At the present, I have 27 000 words and it would be time to send it off to my reader/ex-roommate.

I'm trying to catch up with all those amazing book blogs, but there are just so many to explore. Some of the recently found is surely Peeking Between the Pages . Darlene is hosting a giveaway for Song of Renewal by Emily Sue Harvey. You can read her beautiful review here and here is Emily’s guest post on Peeking Between the Pages.

Another great blog- Hey, Lady! Whatcha Readin’? Don't you just love the pinup girl?

Oh, and my rye field has just been harvested! So, I think it would really be high time I post the story!

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