Aug 27, 2009

More music and more great people coming my way...

Shortly after I posted about Glyn, I went to my FiledBy page. There was a new comment on the wall of the group I created, Your favorite reading/writing music.
It is by the girl whose music is a source of inspiration to my writing-Kira Beth. I met Kira on FiledBy not so long ago (seriously, this FiledBy is a great thing. Join it!) I made a comment on the group’s wall about how much I liked Kira’s music. Today she posted about it on her Facebook Wall and her blog on MySpace! Yep, Kira, you have a fan across the ocean!

Kira is from Nashville. Her first EP, Bittersweet, is coming out on the 1st of September. Make sure to go to her MySpace page and listen to her music. My favorite is Ambrosia. It gives me goosebumps each time I hear it!

On her blog,  Kira posted the YouTube video by Irene Watson, author of The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference, who was a guest author at Nadine's party yesterday. I hope Kira knew she was there chatting with us. If not, Kira, here's the link, go check what we were talking about! Irene is a very inspiring person!

Lots of love,
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