Sep 4, 2009

Blog Party Wrap-Up

The blog party at Nadine Laman's First Draft is over. The last guest yesterday was DJ Kirkby and there is an encore on Sunday, but officially, it’s over. I feel as if parting from newly found friends I met on a school excursion. Of course we’ll stay in touch, connected through social networking and our books, but still…the last month was so much fun and I doubt it will be outmatched soon. 19 authors have participated, 30 signed books given away (3 went to me and one to my Little Hobbit), people from 56 countries visited. I have never seen Blogger having to set up a second comment page as it was the case here.
There are no words to express how I feel about what happened here. It was a lark comment about my 100th blog post and look what transpired - a celebration of writers, readers, and the writing craft. People have met who might not have otherwise met, friendships have been forged, and the world has glimpsed again why literature is important in society. I say with no hesitation, writers are among the finest people in the world. You are the heart, mind, and soul of this craft. I'm very glad we met. (N.Laman)
I guess it's time for all of us to get back to our daily activities, which I admit to have neglected. Now it's time to do some serious writing. Who knows? Maybe at some next centenial party I'll be giving away my book?
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