Sep 22, 2009

My first reading challenge!

I usually don’t participate in reading challenges, mostly because many books aren’t accessible here. This one was brought to my attention by JoAnn, and having read the rules, I decided that it’s the perfect choice to be my first! 
Katrina is hosting the Fall Into Reading 2009 challenge. This is the perfect low-stress challenge to help get your reading organized for fall. Just like the season, it runs from September 22 - December 20.

Here are the basics (and it doesn’t get simpler than that!)
  • Create a list of some books you’d like to read or finish this fall. This is the only real requirement for participating in the challenge.
  • Feel free to set some additional reading goals (such as reading to your kids two hours per week, getting through your pile of magazines, etc.). However, this is not required; setting additional goals is completely optional.
  • Write a blog post that includes the list of books you want to read (and any additional goals you’ve set), and get ready to post it on your blog on September 22nd.
  • Visit Callapidder Days on September 22nd to sign up for the challenge. There will be an official launch post up that morning, complete with an area for you to submit a link to your personal Fall Into Reading post, where it will be added to the master list of participants.
  • Read! Work on your goals throughout Fall 2009.
  • Report your results. Write another blog post in December to let everyone know how you did.  
  • Have fun! Visit other participants to see what they’re reading. Write reviews if you’re so inclined. But most of all, enjoy your fall reading! 

So, here is my list, mostly required reading for my Survey of American Literature class, and they need to be read by December. 

Sermons by John Winthrop, William Bradford, Thomas Shepard,
Benjamin Franklin, The Autobiography
Herman Melville, Moby Dick--finished partially

stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe
Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Minister's Black Veil
selected poems by Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson
Henry James, Daisy Miller
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Theodore Dreiser, Sister Carrie

I'm really looking forward to some of them, and next week I'm going shopping (don't we just love Penguin?) Depending on which elective course I take, I will read in addition to these lots of Contemporary American dramas, lots of Irish literature or Shakespeare! I also hope to finally finish Wuthering Heights, somehow I lost the thread and it's difficult to get back on track!

When it comes to reading for fun, which officially starts today, the list includes Irene Watson's The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to know the Difference, Nadine Laman's Storm Surge, Cathy Marley's Peeking over the Edge, motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples by Christopher I King ( the last two yet to arrive) and I hope to get *The Hunger Games by Susan Collins (they were out of stock when I checked the bookstore the other day). 
*I didn't get The Hunger Games in time, so this one is replaced with Revolutionary Road by R. Yates. It's been waiting on my shelf for a chance like this :)

Additional goals: The Ninth Life of Louis Drax by  Liz Jensen

There’s some of everything—something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…sorry, wrong. There’s poetry, prose, drama, contemporary and classic, adult and YA, fiction and non-fiction, some I own, some I don’t. 

I forecast myself a long, nice reading fall. What will you be reading?

NOTE: The crossed tittles are those I have finished. Below is the list to reviews of some of them:

The Sitting Swing by Irene Watson
Storm Surge by Nadine Laman
motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples by Christopher I King
Peeking Over the Edge by  Cathy Marley
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