Sep 10, 2009

Where the heck is Ivana?

To borrow a phrase from a dear friend-don't turn off the lights! I'm still here! Here’s a skinny on the past two weeks here. But be warned. I always say I can’t tell a short story. And I won’t mind if you quit reading somewhere around the middle.

Long time no blogging, right? Well, the thing is, as some of you may know-exams! And I mean like real exams, hundred plus pages textbooks each, ten of them throughout September…eight more to go, actually! The first two went perfectly well; I got B’s when I actually expected to fail. But my luck of the Irish didn’t fail me. It’s always like this; you get three questions you have no clue how to answer, three out of seventy you don’t know, and you start to sink into despair. And then you start the topic from the long way around, and finally get to the point, and then, after twenty minutes of excessive talking, just when your mouth dries out to the humidity level of the Sahara Desert the, professor asks for your student’s book. He praises your systematical overview of the era and you wonder once again what the big deal was.

Yeah. You can do that in Literature. Try it on Syntax.

Everyone is back to their usual activities here, back to school and work. G. and I spend most of the days alone at home, at least by mid-afternoon, and I like it this way. I can organize my time better, find some time to write through the day while the lunch is simmering in the pot, read while the washer is running etc. Even G. seems to enjoy these days more; often he watches his Peppa Pig DVD’s for more than an hour. And he learned some English. Mommy is so proud. Especially because he hasn’t fully mastered Croatian yet.

There are some great books that have arrived in the past few weeks that I’ll be blogging about in the next few Sundays. This Sunday, Susan Gabriel will be my first guest blogger and we’ll discuss her wonderful novel Seeking Sara Summers. Then it’s time for Samir Selmanovic’s It’s all about God that hits stores September 22nd. I’m loving it, and I can’t wait to share some things with my readers. Samir offers a whole new perspective on religion, one that doesn’t impoverish any but rather enriches three major religions and atheism. I have just started reading The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference by Irene Watson. She sent me her book without me knowing it was coming, so imagine my delight when I ripped the envelope open. It will be on the review menu as soon as I finish it.
In the meanwhile, Nadine’s Storm Surge should arrive, along with Cathy Marley’s Peeking Over the Edge and a picture book for my Little Hobbit by Kip Cosson.

After a long summer, I have visited my dear library lady in the college library. It’s still humbly small, but there are some great new reads I can’t wait to sink my teeth into. I forecast myself a nice and long reading winter. You’ll get to know all about it.

If there’s anyone still reading, thank you. You deserve a nice cup of tea.

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