Oct 11, 2009

TSS: Booking through the week...

As some of you may know, last week saw me returning to Osijek for college. I passed my last exam with a great B. Considering the conditions under which I prepared the last ten exams, I cannot but say WOW to myself. But enough bragging. This semester, I will have a class on creative, essayistic and journalistic writing, first in German, next semester in English. I'm eagerly looking forward to these.
In a record time, I managed to find an amazing apartment. It's less than a ten minutes walk to the university. On the way, I pass the beautiful cathedral, the main square, my favorite bookstore and the oldest park in town. My roomie is a great girl. I had no idea who occupied the other bedroom until I came to see the place. We went to high school together, and though we were never close friends, we got along great at the instant that I moved in!
The only thing that bothers me is that there is no internet access in the apartment, and I'm so NOT buying that little mobile internet device. It's way too expensive for my limited budget. I'll have to use the computers in the college library or schedule posts at weekends when I'm home. Neither of these makes me too happy, but hey, it's not like I get to be picky here.

What actually bothers me most is that, again, I'll be away for four days a week from my little sunshine. He is staying with my parents. It's horrible to leave each Monday morning, but it's the best solution for all of us. I get to concentrate on studying, so the weekends are only to be enjoyed with him. The sooner I graduate, the sooner we'll be able to build up a living together. I know that, everything I do know, will pay off well some time soon, and it makes all the sacrifice less painful.

This week I'm hosting my first giveaway. Michelle Moran, author of three bestselling historical novels, who was also my guest blogger, donated a copy of her latest novel, Cleopatra's Daughter. To enter the contest, simply click on the cover image on the sidebar or follow this link.
For more awesome giveaways, check out Froggaritavilles's Bookcase, Ms Bookish who has a weekly updated list and, if you are a member of Book Blogs, there are several groups where you can find the newest giveaways. I have tried to compile a list on my sidebar and found it very time-consuming, so kudos to all of you wonderful bloggers who do it for us!

This week I finished two more books from my Fall into Reading Challenge list. I finished Christopher I King's motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples and Cathy Marley's Peeking over the Edge. Reviews are coming up this week. Seems like I will need to add some additional goals, since I read the first two college assignments faster than I thought. I was thinking about Herta Mueller, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature this year. I'm going to read the German version of her book. Hopefully they have it in our college library.

Writing, you ask? Ehem...beside one single chapter to my current WIP, I did some rewrites for another WIP. I'm not happy with that status. Not at all. I think its was largely due to the fact that I was sick. I caught a bad flu and couldn't get out of bed, let alone to spend hours starring into the screen when I could barely sit straight. To make things worse, I passed it on to Little Hobbit, so none of us slept last night. Being sick is horrible; watching your child being sick when there is only so little you can do to help him is excruciating.

This week, I will have one more great author as guest blogger,  Nadine Laman, whose books I adore. It should be posted  on Wednesday if nothing gets in the way, so stay tuned!

It's been a long week, and I couldn't wait for Sunday to come. I'm going to spend the rest of the day cuddling with my little precious, reading and watching cartoons.
To all my dear fellow Saloners,  I wish you a nice Sunday and great week!

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