Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Glitter Graphics

Happy New Year Glitter Graphics

Can you believe it? Where did 2009 disappear? How will you remember it--good or bad? As for me, I will remember it as the year of major changes in my life, both good and bad, but definitely unforgettable.

In case you haven't made your New Years resolutions yet, do it quickly! Here are some of mine that concern this blog:
  • finally post all my reviews from my blog to some other sites-my Shelfari and Goodreads pages miss me terribly
  • regularly visit the blogs I follow and comment more often. That's a resolution I make each time I take a look at my Dashboard.
  • try to reach a goal of 100 books read. This year I was close-I lost track, but I think I was around 70 with looong periods of not reading at all.
  • start a new blog for my writing. That's what Willing to See Less was supposed to be before reading took over. Psst-I already created one, but I'm still dwindling with the design. First post coming in a day or two! 
  • do some small housekeeping errands here; a slideshow for the blog buttons, maybe create my own?
It's ten minutes till midnight! I can see the fireworks already!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a wonderful 365 days in 2010! Make it memorable in any way, do the things you always planned to but never found time, enjoy every day and be happy!

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