Jan 3, 2010

TSS New Year, New Start

Hello, fellow Saloners!

It's been a long time since I posted my last TSS post. Not much was going on; I can't decide whether the past two weeks have been madly busy or unbelievably lazy. After all the preparations for Christmas, I fell into some kind of hibernation, you know that holiday-kind of lazy, when all you do is eat, drink, have guests, visit people etc. Basically, not much going on, but definitely tiring. But it did good to my reading, so I better stop complaining here.
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. It was a very strange one here, mostly because of the weather. After all the snow in the week before Christmas, the temperatures went as high as C 23! So I ended up visiting my granny wearing ballet flats and a  thin shirt. It was lovely--for Easter. Same happened on NYE; it started raining during the day, and shortly after midnight there was a thunderstorm. But for all other reasons, it was a wonderful day. My son is now just old enough to enjoy the sight of a truckload of presents under the tree. Precious! I didn't get any books for Christmas *sigh* Oh, well. Maybe next year Santa thinKs of me.

NYE saw me--guess what--sitting right at this spot, finishing few posts and writing some, then running from one side of the house to another to see the fireworks. I'm such a child when it comes to these.

So, what have I been doing beside eating, drinking and staring at shiny things exploding in the sky?
I finished Fallen by Lauren Kate. Review coming up in a day or two. Left Dune in the middle because of this. Finally reviewed Revolutionary Road. Downloaded and read Wake by Liza McMann. Made some New Year resolutions. Won Graceling by Kristin Cashore at ParaJunkee's contest. Caught up on college stuff I've been behind with.

Now I have another week before the classes start all over again. January will flow by, then comes February with the dreadful exams. No blogging for me in February, so I need to prepare a lot of stuff beforehand. Hoping to get some writing and translating done in between.

From your holiday recaps, I see it was a great time for you as well.
Here's for another year of pleasant reading, inspired writing and blogging!
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