Jan 1, 2011

Welcome, 2011...

...and good luck beating the awesomeness of 2010! 

The last year was amazing in every possible aspect. My little munchkin, my family and friends are all safe and well. All my plans for college went smoothly and everything turned out better than I could have thought. I was given some great new opportunities and new perspectives on a possible future career. Many great people have entered my life. Whether they are still around or not, they made an impact and taught me something. A new love has found me, that special someone to share all these great moments with.
All in one, I was happy. Sometimes stressed out, though, but happy :)

 I hope that for you too there were more good than bad moments in 2010. In this year, my wishes for you are 365 days of joy, happiness, success and love.

 So, bring it on, 2011. If you're half as good as 2010, I'm going to love you :)
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