Jul 28, 2011

Does this layout make my butt look big?

One of my pet peeves when reading a blog is when I have to wait forever for it to load, and when it does, it's too flashy and detracts from the content. I've recently changed my blog's layout. I think I like it too much and I'm biased, so I'd like to hear from you whether you have troubles opening it. Does it load fast enough? Are there too many widgets, are they annoying you? I love this image slider at the top, but it takes me ages to edit and resize and upload the images, so it's still not finished. Is it too big? Should I remove it? I tried to, but then there's a huge gap between the header and the posts. It will probably require some more HTML tweaking (not something I'm good at, but I can give it a try). 

Your feedback is, as always, highly appreciated :)
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