Nov 5, 2011

Sunday Salon: Got Bookmarks?

Hello, Sunday! I've been counting weeks toward the end of the semester (it's 11 more, by the way), and when Sunday rolls around the corner, I heave a deep breath of relief, make myself a cup of coffee, grab a book and disappear in another realm.
(Not really. But it sounds better than what my Sundays really look like).


Help! Where are my bookmarks when I need them ?!?
I like bookmarks a lot and I have a ton of them. In every book I own, there is a bookmark tucked in, whether I already read the book or not. They vary from themed bookmarks, signed bookmarks, self-made bookmarks, calendar bookmarks, bookmarks from libraries or different organizations, plain paper bookmarks or my precious beaded ones...The paradox in all that is, even though I have bookmarks all over the house, most likely I'll find myself reaching for whatever there is within my reach to mark the page. Bus tickets, tissues, receipts, pens, notes, paper clips...because in most cases, I'm too lazy to get out of my reading nook and get an actual bookmark. 

Speaking of, I haven't seen my dog in a while...
It so happened once that I lost my library card and found it months later in Michelle Moran's Cleopatra's Daughter. When I first moved into the place I now live in, I conveniently put my key between the pages. I spent a few panicky hours searching for it (in my defense, it was a hardcover and it was hard to guess). Also, numerous utility bills went unpaid because of the same reason. Now, whenever I lose something, I leaf through my books, chances are 90% that I'd find it there.

My preciousssss....

Over years I collected a few awesome ones, but my favorites are still my Lord of the Rings bookmarks. I have one of these with a little Ring attached. It is now safely resting in my hardcover of Silmarillion. (And I just got sidetracked with the prize of these. Less than $12 for five pieces? I paid 6 Euros for one!) 

Even my 4 year old son has found a way to make bookmarks waaaaay more fun. God forbid I leave a book on the table and the bookmark is sticking out. He'll give me his Devilish Dennis look and slooooowly pull it out, just for the funny sight of me running all over the room to stop him. I have a habit of marking pages with little sticky notes. Imagine his joy of plucking them out one by one.

Pardon my French
As I mentioned before, sometimes when I leaf through my books, I find a lot of interesting things. Yesterday I found a dried flower. My guess is, it's been there for at least two years since I have the book. I'm still trying to remember why exactly I put it there because I normally don't do it (yellow stains, yak). There's also many cinema ticket stubs. What year was it when Charlie's Angels was playing in the theater? (The Diaz/Liu/Barrymore one, mind you.) Newspaper cutouts, a Jason Behr autograph card, a long lost Evanescence CD. 

'Twas one bloody book.
I also make my own bookmarks (with pretty laces and beads-will show you some time soon). One has a little sea-star pendant that I got the day I found out I was pregnant. The other is partially made from a thin purple lace that my best friend used for her wedding decorations. The third has a little pencil-shaped button that was attached to one of my baby sweaters (of course mom kept it for so many years). This way I managed to connect some of my dearest memory with my dearest hobby. 

I found most of these pictured on the web in the last couple of months and just needed an excuse to repost them. As for image rights, clicking on the image will take you directly to the page where you can also order them. 

Have an awesome Sunday and a fantastic week!
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