Mar 30, 2012

Follow Friday

Welcome to another Feature and Follow My Book Blog Friday, a weekly meme where we answer book-related questions and get to know new book bloggers! FF is hosted by Rachel @Parajunkee's Views and Alison @Alison Can Read

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Book blogs featured this week are


The question this week: 

Q: Do you read one book at a time or do you switch back and forth between two or more?

Um. I cannot even tell how many books I'm reading at the moment. I always have one from NetGalley, and one Kindle book, one in print that I carry around the house, I always keep one in my bag for when I'm out the house in case I have to wait somewhere, and one beside my bed. And probably another one that's required reading for college. Maybe it would be more efficient and faster to focus on one book at the time, but I don't have a problem switching back and fort between books. In fact, I like the diversity, there's some YA, some literary fiction, some English, some German, some paranormal, some contemporary...colorful :)

What about you?
Happy Friday!

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