Apr 1, 2012

The Sunday Salon: On Hunger Games, little readers and witches

Hello, fellow Saloners! Hope no one pulled a prank on you today!

I was sick for most of the week, and my son caught it as well. Luckily in his case it didn't get worse than coughing and a running little nose, none of us had fever and the worst we had was one sleepless night.

No spoilers below :)

I finally went to see The Hunger Games on Thursday. It was an afternoon show so it was just my boyfriend and me and two teenagers who (so it seems) didn't mind my fangirlish outbursts of joy and eventual weeping. I loved the movie so much. I think Gary Ross did a fantastic job bringing the story to life. Much as I liked the book, I found that the movie moved me much more, in particular the depiction of District 12. During the first half of the movie I constantly had tears in my eyes. Instead of turning this post into a movie review, I'll just recommend you see the movie. Book to movie adaptation that I'm sure won't disappoint any of the fans of Suzanne Collins. Gary Ross added another layer to the dystopian atmosphere and I highly appreciate that.

Around this scene I lost it and started crying.

Two weeks ago my 4 year old got his first library ticket! Now that I'm back in my hometown, I decided to renew the membership. The last time I was in that library was 7 years ago, before I went to college. Since we live in a small town that doesn't offer much entertainment for kids, I decided it was time to take him to the library. It was wonderful to see him coast around the same shelves where I used to spend so much time as a kid. He loved being around so many books and the first day we read in the library for almost two hours before I managed to explain to him that he's allowed to bring some of these home with him. Naturally it was all the Cars picture and chapter books he could find. We're going to the library every other day. I'm a proud bookworm mom. It's important to me to introduce him to the magic of reading from an early age and it makes me happy to see that he enjoys it. Just a year ago he didn't have the patience to sit through a picture book. Now he can't get enough. And his favorites so far are Pinocchio and anything Winnie the Pooh :)

We're having relatives staying with us for Easter. The house is full and it's quite busy around here. I hope I'll manage to squeeze in some blogging after everyone's gone to bed.

Reading-wise I'm a bit obsessed with witchcraft lately. This week I read and reviewed Earth, book 1 in the Elementals series by Shauna Granger. It seems to be a (growing? ever-present?) trend in YA because I've also received several review request for books about witchcraft. No vampires lately. There are also several more I downloaded from Amazon, though they might be pushed down the tbr list until I finish 'Salem's Lot. It's impossible to put it down.

What was the highlight of your week? Happy Sunday!

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