Sep 30, 2012

Bloggiesta Update #1

Here is my first Bloggiesta update- what I hoped to do, and what I managed to do.

  1. make a widget to show my favorite blogs' buttons So far, I made the widget for blog tours. I'll be collecting the blog buttons as I visit blogs and include them in a separate widget.
  2. post my last few reviews to Amazon, B&N and elsewhere
  3. redo my social buttons I changed the entire blog design and the icons came with it. I need to edit the Pinterest button, though.
  4. weed through the list of blogs I follow  I  removed about a 30 blogs from my reader for several reasons. Blog not there, nothing new posted in a year etc. This was the most time-consuming thing on my list. 
  5. sort through tags
  6. customize block-quote
  7. latest addition: I had to back up my blog, so the social buttons at the top are not linked to my profile. I dread messing with HTML, but I did it once, right? Hopefully I wont' mess up this time either :D

I decided to change the design on a whim, and that gave me some extra things to do-organize the tabs, layout, header...but I'm happy with how it turned out.

In addition to that, I visited around thirty participants, and hope to visit at least thirty more today.

Finally, this is what my list looks like today:

  • post reviews to Amazon, B&N etc.
  • edit blog header
  • edit Pinterest button
  • sort through tags
  • customize block-quote

Doable? Absolutely!

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