Jul 1, 2009

Another birthday behind me, my 22nd...getting old...no big celebrations, but tons of (mostly electronic) congratulations. The last time I checked, and it's still an hour to midnight, there were 56...had no idea I had so many friends :)

The most original one and the one that made me smile around my head came from a college/Twilight nerd/rock fan colleague. She sent me a picture of a Rock star Vampire, saying "Vampires don't hug much. Consider yourself lucky." I love that girl. Just too bad I'm Team Jacob. But Vampires of any kind serve just fine as well.

So, to get to the point of all this blogging. I'm obsessed with literature of any kind and form-not just reading and writing, but with the whole publishing process too. My goal is to become a translator of literary texts (if everything goes well, I'll get my Bachelors degree this time next year). Just recently, after I realizedI wrote a full length novel of over 100 000 words, and one of my professors read it, she prompted me to try to get to a literary agent.
I still haven't. I got to admit, after getting into the whole process of even querying an agent, it scared me off. I already have a list of desirable agents, though a lot of time will pass before I really do any real steps forward. Right now I'm editing and proofreading it...for the eight time...
In that sense, this blog will be my scrapbook of useful web pages and blogs, and there are so many if you just know where to start your search. I sincerely hope someone will join my adventure!
I created a FiledBy account just the other day. I love it; it's in fact a site "providing membership sites, web tools and community building solutions to content Creators - authors, writers, illustrators and photographers – and their fans," which would practically mean you get to join an author's list as a reader, discuss their work with fellow fans, and if you are published yourself, it is a great way of self-promotion, being given a free page on what I hope to become the largest authors and readers community online.
Anyway, I'm off to bed now. My baby is asleep for almost three hours now, and in the meanwhile, I added five more pages to the manuscript. I guess, if I go on like this, I will never finish it at all. But there is always just so much more to say...
Lots of love and sweet dreams,
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