Oct 18, 2009

TSS: What? Sunday already?

Am I the only one with this feeling or do Sundays come faster and faster each week?

Anyhows, I didn't do much this week. Most of the days I spend in classes. Monday is brutal, from 7am till 7 pm we don't see the daylight. Luckily, it's mostly literature that allows occasional daydreaming sequences and thought-wandering when it gets too much (don't do that at home!).
I was surprised with how much I like the German drama of the 20th century course. Bertolt Brecht is our best friend this semester. There is plenty of reading in that one, but I won't be including the dramas into the Fall into reading challenge. I'm doing great so far, so good that I started to include additional goals. The first one is Liz Jensen's The Ninth Life of Louis Drax. It's a breathtaking book, a suspense thriller on the subconscious level ,disturbing and beautifully written. I'm almost finished, several pages left, and it will be reviewed in the coming week.

My first contest for Cleopatra's Daughter by M. Moran went great. I had 17 entrants, all new followers. I hope they will stick along in the future. I'll do my best to organize more such contest and bring up interesting content for you guys.

This week I'm planing to finish at least one of the classic novels from my list and maybe something for fun too. I can't find The Hunger Games. The bookstore is out of stock, and there is a huge waiting list in the American department of the library. I will probably have to cross it off the list, and it makes me sad. I really want to read it.

I should go and pack my stuff. I'm looking forward to the week, if it's even half as good as the last one, it's going to be great!

Everyone have a nice Sunday and a great week!
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