Nov 7, 2009

TSS Guest Post

I am glad to introduce a young (very young) reader here at Willing To See Less. This is his first blog post and first book review so please, give him a warm welcome!

Guest Blogger: Little Hobbit

My mommy says she is a bookish freak, and that means she reads a lot, like, really a lot, and she always brings tons of books, and then she piles them up, and one time the pile was soooo big that it was bigger than me. My mommy thought this was funny, and I thought so too, because we played that game when mommy peeks behind the books and says "peekaboo!" and we laugh. And then I say "peekaboo!" and we laugh again. Sometimes mommy writes something she calls a block, and I look at her like "mommy, you're nuts, how can you write blocks", and then she laughs and says "no, not block, honey, it's blog". I think this is a funny word, don't you? Try saying it several times, or try to sing it, then it sounds like blog, blog, blog, blog, like that monster from Sesame Street. I love Sesame Street. And Kenny The Shark, then I sing "Kenny, Kenny" whole day long, until mommy says it's nap time. That's because I'm only two years old and I have to nap in the afternoon.

Sometimes when I take a book or a magazine and flip the pages, mommy looks at me with a funny face, like she is very glad about something, and she always gets all gooey and says "Oh, he's reading," and she always takes a picture when I read. She has tons of these pictures. But she's so funny, you know? She thinks that I can really read? I am only two, and I can't really read, but I love the pictures.

There is a very kind sir, his name is Kip Cosson and he writes books, and a very nice ma'am, her name is Nadine, has sent me the book. It is about a penguin, and that little penguin, his name is Ned, visits a mouse. The mouse's name is Meece, and he lives in a veeeeery big city that is called New York. The nice sir also wrote that he hopes I will like his book, and there is a picture of Meece in a cab and the plate has my name written there. I love this book very much, there a lots of cars and trucks and I try to say 'dump truck' and then mommy laughs when I say it because she is, you see, also a language freak and she think it's arodable adorable when I speak English. My mom laughs a lot with me, and she says I'm her little Hobbit. Hobbits are small people who love to dance and are small and round and so am I, but I don't have such big feet. They also live in books, somewhere far away, says mommy. 
I love when mommy reads to me, but she is so slow, and it takes her ages to turn the page, so I do it for her. How long does she need to stare at the same picture? I read waaay faster than mom.That's because I'm a big boy, I am already two!
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