Nov 28, 2009

TSS Just to drop a line or two...

...and to apologize for not posting any reviews this week. I have a huge book presentation on Wuthering Heights on Monday and the preparations took much time more than I thought they would.
Several reviews are in drafts, Cleo's Daughter and three bus books (Cirque Du Frique, Daisy Miller and Bleachers) and I'll try to finish them this week. Also, I finally caught the bull by the horns and started reading Moby Dick. It's going very slow so far, and if anyone is up for some healthy competition let me know :) I need a push to get through it.
This week I finally bought my own copy of Pride and Prejudice. I just couldn't resist the Dover edition with such a wonderful covers. I read Age of Innoccence and Daisy Miller from Dover and I absolutely adore the covers! Next week I think I'll buy either The Time Traveler's Wife or The Lovely Bones. Both movies look amazing, but I want to read the books first.

Oh...and speaking of movies...I went to see New Moon after all. I know I swore I wouldn't, but hey...I didn't like the movie, but the soundtrack is amazing. I can't stop listening to it. Hellou, there's Muse on it. Enough said.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments this week. I'm sorry I didn't make it much to your blogs, but I promise to catch up.
Also, the weather was perfect for the last couple of weeks and I spent a lot of time outdoors with Little Hobbit, catching the last few rays of sun. Anyhow, it's raining today and the nice weather is gone, so I'm leaving you with this beautiful song. It makes me curl into my bed with a good book or write something romantic.

Oops...This post happened to be a lot longer than I intended.
Everyone have a WONDERFUL week!
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