Apr 25, 2012

Review: The Iron Quill by Shelena Shorts

Paperback: 293 pages
Published: August 1 2011 by Lands Atlantic Publishing, LLC
Source: author
My rating: 3/5

Goodreads Summary: With Weston's self-imposed forty-eight hour deadline having already lapsed, Sophie's patience is pushed to the max—especially with her realization that his concern is not for his own well-being, but for hers. Just when they embrace a reconnection, she'll learn that her greatest threat is not necessarily something that might happen in the future, but something that’s happening… right now. And this time, Sophie and Wes will need the help of more than one person to fix it—even if it means giving up his secret.With time forever moving, and the dark cloud at its lowest, the third book in the Pace Series stays true to its signature grace and determination as Sophie and Weston take the biggest detour so far.

I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed with the third book in The Pace series. Despite the fact that there is much more going on in terms of plot, somehow it didn't grab me as the The Pace and The Broken Lake did. I couldn't feel the suspense and never actually worried about what's at stake, even though the stakes are pretty high in Pace #3. There was something enticing about the first two books that this installment lacked, so much that for the first half of the book I would read a few pages a the time, then move on to something else. Too much waiting, so much build up. Things became more interesting after that first half, but even then, I can't say it was a page turner.

Now to the positive: One of the things that distinguishes this YA novel from many others is that A) you know how there's always the fear that someone will find out about the paranormal abilities of our heroes? Say, the government? But never do? And it drives me crazy sometimes that it's so easy to avoid it when in fact someone was bound to know something. Almost as if an author is afraid to go into that territory. Here you have the opposite.

*screaming spoiler*

Military abduction and facilities conducting dubious experiments and attempt assassins of unwanted witnesses.
B) I like novels where the parents aren't conveniently away (dead, missing, absent every single day etc.)  or completely unaware of what their kids are going through. The mother here is very much present and involved. I mean...yes, I was a teenager not so long ago and kept many things to myself. But no, I don't think that, now being a mother, I wouldn't know something was terribly wrong in my kid's life and god help me if I wouldn't pry it out of him by hook or crook.

More than the previous books in the series, this one reminded me most of Twilight. Shelena listed Stephenie Meyer as one of her favorites, and it shows, so Twilight fans will be delighted with this series. I'm not too crazy about the Twilight echoes in any book. But if you ask me, Shelena can tell a better story, is a better writer and creates better characters.

This is the third book in the series, and the final book, The Hour of Dreams, is coming this year (no set date). Considering the events in The Iron Quill, Shelena will have some tough decisions to make regarding her characters' fate.
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