May 1, 2012

Book Birthday: Elemental: Q&A with Emily White

Hello, darlings!

My guest today is Emily White, author of Elemental, book #1 in the Elemental trilogy, which is celebrating its birthday today! Emily was kind enough to answer a few questions for a Q&A. If you want to know what I thought about Elemental, check out my review here.

About Emily:

Emily White lives in NY, wedged between two of the Great Lakes and a few feet of snow and ice. She's spent most of her life running away from the cold, and even spent a year in Iraq, but now contents herself with writing her characters into warm, exotic places in faraway galaxies. When not tapping away at her computer keys, she can be found reading, reading, and reading some more. And when she's not doing that, she's usually playing video games with her husband, peek-a-boo with her kids, or walking through her garden, wondering why the bugs insist on eating all her vegetables. Emily's debut YA Sci-fi novel, ELEMENTAL, will be published by Spencer Hill Press in 2012.
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  • You have created a world in which you brought several mythical creatures together. Which one of them is your favorite? (I am used to reading about Elementals in relation to witches so this was a surprise.) 
Ha! That's funny you say that because I've always thought of elementals as part of the fae folk. :) But now that you say it, I'm remembering lots of stories of elementals as witches. I think that's the best thing about elementals. They work for everything! I'd definitely have to say the Auri are my favorite, though. I mean winged people who can teleport with a thought?? Yes, please!!

  • What part of the book was the funniest and/or most difficult to write? 
The beginning of the bedroom scene was the funniest for me. I just kept thinking of all the crazy things going through Malik's, Ella's, and Cailen's heads. The most difficult would have to be the first chapter. I rewrote that thing I don't even know how many times to get everything right. I really wanted it to evoke the utter depression and helplessness of Ella's situation. Plus, it was very personal to me because out of the entire novel, that was the situation I sympathized with the most. 

  • Do you have a particular ritual for writing? Music, coffee, a special writing spot... 
Oh yes! I have a very special playlist for Elemental. I absolutely MUST listen to music when I write. I also must be at either my desk, couch, or bed. No other location will do. 

  • What's the most important/useful thing you've learned on your path to publication, something you think every beginner should know? 
Patience. There's nothing more important than patience. I've had to learn this lesson over and over again, but it's true. If you aren't patient, then you'll find an excuse to give up or to produce mediocre work. I've learned to just work and be patient. Good things will happen so long as you keep at it.

Many thanks to Emily for being my guest today!

About Elemental: 


Goodreads Summary: Just because Ella can burn someone to the ground with her mind doesn't mean she should.
But she wants to.
For ten years—ever since she was a small child—Ella has been held prisoner on an interstellar starship. Now that she has escaped, she needs answers.
Who is she? Why was she taken? And who is the boy with the beautiful green eyes who haunts her memories?
Is Ella the prophesied Destructor… or will she be the one who's destroyed?
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